About us

Stadium Fantasy Sport is a game changer: providing you with the most exciting, engaging and entertaining Fantasy Sport experience in Australia. We open up a whole new playing field for Fantasy Sport.

Play when you like

We let you play Fantasy Sport when you like, whenever you like. Because our games last only one match or one week, you no longer have to be fully committed over the full season. Rather you can simply play Fantasy Sport on any AFL Match or Round and enter in at any time.

Season-long Fantasy Sport games generally lock you out as soon as the first match goes live. But Stadium lets you reset and pick a new side on any AFL match. That means you can play Fantasy Sport anytime, anywhere.

Two dynamic playing formats

Stadium offers two versions of Fantasy Sport, being:

  • MatchDay format
  • Weekly format

MatchDay format lets you select your best 9 players on the match you wish to play. So for example, if you wanted to play on the Hawthorn v Geelong game, you simply select 9 players just on the these two competing teams and within two hours you will have the chance to win! In our Weekly format, you are able to select your best 18 players from the games covered in that round. Your Captain and Vice-Captain selections are also important as you will earn 2xtimes points for your Captain and 1.5xtimes points for your Vice-Captain. Be sure to select wisely!

Mistakes don’t matter

As a Fantasy Sport player, if you make any mistakes in the season long formats and as such are not performing, with Stadium is simply does not matter! You now have the chance to build and construct a new team on an AFL Match or any AFL Round. Stadium allows you to be involved and engage throughout the entire AFL Season.

Sophisticated system: greater gaming capabilities

Stadium has developed a sophisticated Game Central system that allows you to simply select and choose which Public Games you wish to play in. In our Game Central component, you can also create your own game (any match or round) and invite your friends to join. This sophistication of our system is unforeseen in the Fantasy Sport market and with our leading edge technology, the Fantasy Sport user now has the ability to customise and play whenever they like.

Bond over sport Fantasy Sport is very much built on the social interaction with your mates, your work colleagues, your school friends or the guys at your local footy club. It is this reason why Stadium is providing you with the most sophisticated and innovative social engine seen in Fantasy Sport. Our social engine will allow you to connect with your friends, interact socially online through the Coaches Wall, provide you with a simple invite processing system for creating your own games and also inter-game live chatting when the game goes LIVE!! Stadium believes providing you the best possible social experience is an integral part of the overall Fantasy Sport experience.

With plenty of cash and prizes to WIN on Stadium, we welcome and look forward to your participation. We hope you enjoy the Stadium experience.

The Stadium Team